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Arandroid developers

is an Android application developers team who was born in summer 2012 on the initiative of three young engineers who, armed with non-ordinary commitment and perseverance, have started to work strenuously, bringing to light a number of projects of no small importance. In covering the story of these young kids, we first of all ask ourselves what has prompted them to undertake this project so challenging. We find out, so that developers Arandroid not come from nothing, as a spontaneous and sudden result of studies cultivated by these three young, Angelo, Ronny and Andrea, but that hides, in fact, a lot of work and, in particular, an intense passion for the world of computing and network that accompanies them for a long time. The three, in fact, are not linked only by the choice of making a path of joint studies, but they share a great friendship since childhood that, with the birth of Arandroid developers, has taken a first step towards the creation of a cooperative in the field working. What to expect, therefore, Angelo, Ronny and Andrea from the implementation of this project? They aim to work on their applications as much as possible in order to grow and, perhaps, succeed professionally, experiencing a fulfilling and concrete in the world today increasingly dominant computing.


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Andrea: +39 3287121624
Ronny: +39 3281547122
Angelo: +39 3771461617